Meet Your Instructor: Nate Jensen

With over 22 years in the financial industry, Nate is a seasoned expert who is passionate about helping others manage their money. This course distills decades of financial wisdom into easy-to-understand modules that will set you up for long-term success.

What Will You Learn?

At Money Smart Skills, our goal is to help your kids develop the confidence to make wise money decisions, consistently achieve financial goals, and build character while nurturing a generous heart. We teach kids how to make and manage money while guiding them through creating their own money plan.

Why choose us?

Because we believe that financial decision making is not just for adults, but for kids too. When you enroll your kid(s) in our courses, you're empowering them to create great money habits early in life.

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Real World Application

Finding Financial Freedom on Your Terms

The earlier our kids learn how to make and manage money, the better off they will be. Now is the best possible time to empower your kids to be their best financially. It's not just about money—it’s about shaping the best possible future for your kids.

With our course, you will:

  • Set and Reach Goals: Learn how to set realistic financial targets and create actionable strategies to achieve them.

  • Make Informed Decisions: Gain the confidence to make financial choices that align with your goals.

  • Build a Secure Foundation: Establish financial stability that will support you and your money dreams for years to come.

Money Savvy Children

Parents benefit from having children who understand money management and can make informed financial decisions. This can reduce financial stress within the family.

Shared Financial Goals

This course encourages setting and working towards financial goals, fostering a sense of shared purpose and teamwork in your family.

Parent & Child Success

Teaching kids money skills puts them on a path toward financial success, potentially ensuring a more secure financial future for both parents and children. And discussing the financial lessons together creates an open dialogue about money matters.